Playing With Blocks

The first purpose for resurrecting Blognasium is to have a non-critical blog site for experimentation. In a previous post I mentioned I intended to use Drupal. My web service provider doesn’t seem to support Drupal. 

No sweat. I am instead running a fairly stock WordPress site. The template is called 2022. (Last years version) I looked at 2023 (stock WordPress template) but I like this one more.

What I am doing here is trying to get a “handle” on using the block layout tools for construction of the layout and writing posts and pages.

I have been very “old school” in wanting to stay with the original “legacy” layout tools. But there is actually very good reasons for using the newer system tools. Many additional layout features can be easily added almost anywhere on the page.

I find the blocks less visible than I would desire, but there is a “list” mode to see the hierarchy of any page. That certainly helps me see what is on the page and in what order.

I have already been able to build my own page style templates. There was no Category display page active in the original stock pages, but I easily built one and added it to the templates list.

I think I am liking the new experience. 

Categories and pages (when I start making them) will be a bit sketchy. I have no defined topic or presentation I am trying to publish. I have plenty of discrete and not-so-discrete blogs already in my stable.

The look and feel of Blognasium is subject to change with my latest whim. Today I have been adjusting number of display columns on a page. All done by playing with blocks.

So far Blognasium looks good on any display and resizes cleanly between desk computer screen to a cell phone. 

I wonder what I will post next???

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