Website Sandhog

Must be a lot of starving artists. I am referring to webmaster artists. Blognasium is less than a week old. It is my experimental blog. I have no intention of making BLOGNASIUM number one in some hypothetical search engine.

Yet there have been several pathetic (and probably starving) self appointed web experts who can’t wait to get their access paws into the administration back end of this website. They use admin email and blog comments to cite how terrible BLOGNASIUM has been configured and brag how only THEY have the knowledge and ability and TOOLS to make this site OUTSTANDING!

They are obviously a totally PATHETIC group of small scale kitchen table spammers, who certainly can’t be holding full time paying jobs. They really need to find a reputable agency if they are really good at what they claim.

I have certainly been publishing web sites long before these children were out of grade school. None of my websites have ever been shining beacons of absolute perfection. But then, they never were intended to be. 

They all do the job for which I intended them to do. I am a kind of Webblog-hog.

So all you wanna-be web site healers need to find another way to be heroes and stop posting off-topic solicitations in every open blog you happen to stagger into.  You are like a drunken bum stumbling into an open manhole in NYC and telling the sandhogs you can do better tunnel work.

You may be treading on the wrong toes… Insulting a Sandhog or a Webblog-hog is not a good way to find work.

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