Almost Drupal


As can easily be seen, Blognasium is clearly a WordPress website. This wasn’t my first intention. 

I have used Drupal years ago. It’s similar to Joomla but I found much more demanding to manage. It’s a CMS that is really designed for the advanced web manger. 

Drupal is community supported freeware like Joomla and WordPress. So no cost other than time to give it a try,

Website construction is just another hobby activity for me as I enjoy the challenge. That is why I have so many. I thought Drupal would give me another challenge.

That turned out to be true. 

The base upload package is huge. 18,000 files! Yeah eighteen thousand. It includes an optional complete operational test site so is certainly the reason for all the files. Using FileZilla it is a very lengthly upload to my server.

But there was a problem. Drupal couldn’t recognize the Apache version my web server uses. The Apache version is well above the version number required by Drupal. 

This is probably the reason the service I use for the server does not offer Drupal as a package available on their system. 

I spent most of a day deleting and reloading Drupal in attempt to get it running. There was always a warning about not discovering the Apache version. But I was always permitted to continue the installation.

Drupal would open after each install but I was always denied access to the “back end” There was always a .htaccess file missing. I could not find an example htaccess.txt file (like Joomla provides) in the root directory to even see what is supposed to be in that file.

So that became the “killer error” as far as me using Drupal on this host system with my 18 other websites. 

I briefly considered building a LAMP stack on a new server on AWS. I have done that before. But that is another whole new avenue to explore. I am not quite eager to go there yet. But it is not completely off my list.

The result is Blognasium is an easy WordPress install. Well, not exactly easy. But it definitely works well on the host system I am using.

There is still enough challenge building up a raw RAW WordPress website, but certainly a lot easier than breaking into Drupal territory again.

Drupal claims about ten percent of the world’s operating websites. So it is a large install number but a small percentage. I am one who has tried but denied access. I’ll mark this one as a good try but no cigar.

There will be another try. Just because it is there. I just need a host with the “right stuff” for Drupal.

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