Poor Blognasium

I think BLOGNASIUM is a cool name for a blog. I do not have a good reason for publishing this instance. I have already written this elsewhere within this blog. “I have too many blogs.

I would… like to have a “greater purpose” for this publication. So far I have not found it. One problem… I keep lamenting about having no purpose. That’s my personal problem. I should not feel guilty.

Maybe I will change the name to Sobnasium? Naw…

… just stop crying…

Blognasim is currently an experiment. I have said that before. So, I need not express guilt. There! I feel better already! Ha!

It’s just a place to exercise blogging. Thus, I will keep the name.

OK, now I have that settled (again). Egad!

(mental note): Gotta stop flogging myself. Oh!… maybe Flognasium<G>

The “Private” area is nothing important either. Currently, I just have some photo galleries posted. Again, a test area for the blog software. Example: Adobe Lightroom creates galleries. They look better than the stock WordPress galleries. It’s a test to see how I can use it with WordPress.

There are many other galleries specifically designed for WordPress, so I have lots of options. I already own Lightroom.

If you are someone I know and are interested or just curious about the Members Only section, just ask (in comments) and I will give you access. Don’t expect wonderful things, though… <G>

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