New Look

Just dug into the customization features for the template on this website. It  is WordPress Twenty Twenty-Two. Never took the time to really dig in deep and see all the options. There are quite a few.

It’s a rather complex process. That’s why I put it off for a while. But this is my Word Press “play” site and I felt it was time play with all the settings.

I think it now looks more professional and a significant move away from the “stock-out-of-the-box” of my first attempts. Always subject to change but I am thinking its going to stay with this “look”. 

If you are friends or family (they are friends too…), I can give you access to the private area. Honestly, not much there. A few photo galleries.  No big plans on what will be added. Thinking its a good place for family photos that don’t need to be on open public display.

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