Identify the Source

I took the time to do a total revamp of my personal email system. I have total control of my mail system including the domain name(s). 

I won’t get into specifics for security reasons. Let’s say I have total control other than turning on the power to the server. I can’t do a hardware reboot.  <grin>

The big issue for me is emails I don’t want to receive. The garbage and junk heap Pogo and Porkey are viewing.

The garbage phishing emails about email system issues are totally worthless and bogus. I have total operating system control.

The bulk of the crap emails are marketing noise from the “Constant Contact” (CC) systems that tell vendors its the best way to “stay in front of your customers”. For me it’s a HUGE pain that tells ME to “never do business with these stupid jerks.” 

I guess the CC folks never tell THEIR customers it’s the best way to piss customers off. I can tolerate (not like) say a once a month reminder from vendors I like. But every CC email needs a instant and permanent KILL button that takes me off the list forever. That means no “go here and tell us why” questionnaire. The short answer is “your email flooding pisses me off.”

So, the only control I actually do have is within the email operating system. I have filters in place at several levels that reduce the bulk of the undesired ugly email traffic.

No further details on what I do about undesired emails. Except that bulk delete of my inbox and trash directory is a wonderful tool (cmd “A” / delete) 

For the same reasons I never answer the telephone. Spam filters there are SOOO nice. I’ll call back if I WANT to talk to you.

That remaining major garbage heap is the commercial CABLE video with now way over 50% marketing time exposure on most programming. It’s A/V spamming. I use the audio kill button on the remote. Or just shut off the TV. I am willing to totally unsubscribe cable to escape the marketing. But I have a lifetime spouse companion that is not comfortable with navigating huge menus of alternative system options to get to specific programming.

That hermit cave on the side of a mountain is looking better every day. But I am getting a bit too old for that. My loving spouse would never consent. The “final rest” may be the only escape, but that is so permanent and so lonely!  Why do I have to even think like that? 

I must need a pocket full of those mind altering drugs now so freely marketed by mass media.  Drugs that are an escape from reality. 

The root of all that’s bad come from the minds and efforts of other humans. Walt Kelly said it best in a Pogo Cartoon, where Pogo says. “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

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