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  • Fun-time Career

    Fun-time Career

    Most of my “active-retirement” fun-time is spent in designing “JUNQUE” for 3D printing. That’s not being very active physically, but it is a good mental challenge.  I highlight the term “designing” because the actual printing process is really not where I have much creative and active control. The computers are automatically in charge of the…

  • Time to Design

    Time to Design

    These are my current “daily drivers” in my stable of 3D printers. I have owned 14 printers of various types. One I donated to a high school and one is brand new still in the shipping box unopened.  What’s important is how many are used, not how many have or are owned. I have had…

  • 3D Printing

    3D Printing

    The major activity I enjoy at this point in my life is the three dimensional CAD design and subsequent printing in plastic of my design. This is one of my current bowl designs. I have several other blogs dedicated to this hobby, so I probably won’t go into great detail here in Blognasium. I’ll be…